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The Next Material Revolution.

The ultimate form of recycling.

Using the ashes of the past to build a brighter future.

We’re helping turn carbon into amazing things.

(Yep, the same carbon (CO2) that’s causing climate change.)



SkyBaron is a collaborative platform, marketplace, and brand for products made with captured and recycled carbon. We work with talented partners around the world to bring you superior goods that have a positive impact.

We're bringing climate solutions to your daily life.

And empowering all of us to make a difference.

What's happening?

The Problem:

The burning of fossil fuels and other human activities have pushed the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere to ever higher levels - something we know has disastrous consequences.

What’s being done?

The Solution:

Remove that carbon and recycle it.

We must clean up the atmosphere by capturing carbon and recycling it to make high quality products. Carbon is a natural building block that we can turn into almost anything.

Of course, carbon capture alone won’t solve the problem - we must also end the use of fossil fuels and restore nature’s ability to clean carbon from the air - but it’s an essential piece of the puzzle.

What we're doing.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to transform our economy in such a way that it removes carbon from the atmosphere. We want to change where humanity gets the materials used to produce nearly everything we need and use. Instead of extracting more natural resources, we’ll recycle what we’ve already burned and clean up the atmosphere in the process. We do this with the goals of reversing climate change and building a circular economy.

Who we’re starting this journey with.

Our Partner:

Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT), a Carbon XPRIZE Finalist and Solar Impulse 1000 Solution, was founded with the vision of making CO2 green: both environmentally and financially sustainable.

CUT and SkyBaron intend to change the perception of CO2 from being a liability to an underutilized asset. We envision a future where materials derived from CO2 can be used to enhance every facet of society: from buildings to adhesives, to even our medicine.

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